Exmouth Archers Car Boot Sales

Exmouth Archers is renowned in the area for holding the largest car boot sales.  We hold four a year, usually on the four bank holiday Mondays starting from about 8:00am.  We have many regular sellers who attend, many of which will be queuing at 6.30 in the morning long before we open the gates at 7.00 in order that they get their 'usual' pitch !!  Note we do not encourage sellers turning up early.  No matter how far down the road the cars are queued the gates will NOT be opened until 7.00. We suggest that you aim to arrive at around 7.15.

To confirm if any of the sales have been cancelled please refer to our Facebook page.  If there is no mention there, then the sale is on.

We have had anything up to 150 sellers on the better days.   Many do not attend other sales and keep their stuff especially for our car boot sales.  If any other club or organisation holds a sale on the same day they usually have a poor attendance !!

The club also opens the clubhouse and we serve tea, coffee and snacks to those who come to look round.


The dates for 2017  are:  

Bank Holiday Monday 17th April

Bank Holiday Monday 1st May

Bank Holiday Monday 29th May

Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

Costs are:

        (Prices have NOT changed for the last 6 years, with the exception of buyers which changed in 2012)


        Car                         6.00

        Car and Trailer     12.00

        Small Van              6.00

        Transit Van            12.00


      Per Car 1.00

Please note that you park on our grounds at your own risk.


Page last updated October 2016