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Club session times


7am to 9pm

Open to all


6pm to 8pm

Open to all but focusing on Juniors


7am to 9pm

Open to all


10am to 12pm

Open to all

Members wearing yellow vests at club sessions are there to support you with help and advice.

Coaches are available for Seniors on Thursday evenings and for Juniors on Wednesday evenings.


Please ensure you sign in with your swipe card for the indoor centre and the outdoor range.

Your insurance and the club’s insurance are not valid if you do not register that you are on-site.

If an incident occurred and you had not registered as being on site the insurers can reject any claim.

Plus we must comply with AGB rules.

If you are shooting in the woods please remember to sign the whiteboard / signing-in book.

Again, you are not insured to shoot if you do not sign in.

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