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Club Records




During the early part of 2020 the Club committee reviewed the records that we hold and how they may be claimed. This took into account the records displayed at the Club, Golden Records, which was introduced a few years ago to manage the records, the records that we actually recognise with regards bow-styles and age categories and how records may be claimed.


Previously we allowed records to be claimed, irrespective of when they were shot and we are aware that some scores have been submitted that may not have been correctly witnessed.


Previously we only held records for Juniors, with no age categories. However Archery GB rules are applied so that a Junior could only hold a record for a round that’s  appropriate for their age group. That means for the longer distances and rounds, in the majority of cases the record would be held by an older Junior.


What records do we maintain?

 Exmouth Archers records will broadly follow the rounds and classification of those rounds (Senior or Junior) as defined in the Archery GB rules of shooting for allowable records. The exceptions to this will include:


  • The Short Warwick, which is a defined as a Junior round, but may be claimed by seniors as it is shot as part of the DCAS Summer postals by seniors.

  • Frostbite records may only be claimed as part of a formal postal shoot.  Not at any other time. Exmouth Archers recognises the age groups as defined by Archery GB. 


Juniors may claim a record for a round for their age group or any group above, but may not claim for a record in a lower age group.  **See note below  

If a Junior chooses to claim a Senior record, they must declare this before shooting the round. One score may not be used to claim both a Senior and Junior record.


**Age groups were introduced in April 2020.  It was agreed by Committee at that time that all standing records were assumed to be the highest age group, unless the age group of the record holder was known.


How are records claimed?     


  • Scores must be shot to Archery GB rules.  IE the correct number of sighters or practice and must be the first round shot in a session.

  • Scores for records will be accepted from:


  • Any formally organised competition, but must be backed up by a formal results  sheet. The member must provide that evidence to the records officer.              

  • Any formally Club organised event such as our indoor or outdoor championships, or special events where awards are given.  For example our  American night or WA 25m night.

  • Members shooting at any other time, inside or outside of Club sessions, however there must be a witness shooting with the member for the full length of the round on the same target.  The records officer will only accept the record if there are two full scores on the score sheet. Scores witnessed by signature only will not be accepted.


  • Claims for records must be received by the records officer within 4 weeks of being  shot.

  • Records for rounds within rounds will not be accepted.  I.E. a record for a Short Metric, shot as part of a 1440.  However Distance Records for the Ladies and Gents 1440 rounds will be maintained when shot as part of that round. 90m, 70m, 60m, 50m and 30m. 

  • Records will be maintained within Golden Records and a summary paper copy will   be posted from time to time on the Club noticeboards and the members area of the website.  Note, the records officer will not be expected to update the paper copies or website after each record is claimed.

What about Handicaps and Classifications (Non Records)?                                                                                                                                     

The records officer may only maintain scores and classifications for individual members if they are submitted directly into Golden Records.  The Records Officer will not be  expected to trawl results sheets or enter scores from paper score sheets left at the Club, other than Postal scores or club organised events.         


What is Golden Records?

Golden Records is an internet based service that we subscribe to that enables the club to store records in the cloud, and access them from anywhere.  You only need access to the internet via a web browser. 


Golden Records can be accessed here


Once the Records Officer has created you a login, you can sign in and view the current  club records and submit or view scores for the rounds that you shoot day to day.  This will generate you a classification for the year.        

Using Golden Records   

Sign in to golden records using your assigned user ID and password at the top right of  the main screen.



In the first instance, contact the Club Records Officer, or if not a Committee member will  be happy to help you out.

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